Becoming a Soapmaker (of sorts)! | Making My Own Soaps

So the Spring Term at my university is over and I’ve been trying to take it easy. The past two days at my part-time job were rough and I really couldn’t wait to leave once my shifts were completed. I did get some rest after getting what needed to be done though, so I’m pretty happy about that.

But that’s a story for a different time. Right now, I want to talk to you about my newest creative hobby that I finally decided to try after putting it off for around seven years!

What’s that hobby, you ask? Why, it’s soap making!

That’s right; I’ve been a bit of a soap maker for the past few weeks and it’s been great so far!

Since I have zero experience with handling particular chemicals for making soap—most notably sodium hydroxide—I went with making melt-and-pour soap. I’m starting out with soap bases I got from nearby craft stores (A.C. Moore, Michael’s, and JoAnn) and adding ingredients that I already have in my pantry.

I’ve made three different types of soap so far and each one had turned out great with plenty of lather to spare!

Bentonite Clay Soap with Essential Oils
Melt and Pour Soap Bars
Two Oatmeal & Honey soaps and a Goat’s Milk soap

I did do my research and discovered more natural soap bases from websites like Amazon, Bulk Apothecary, and Bramble Berry, but I’m concerned mostly about the cost of shipping. Plus, I still have some of the craft store bases left over, so I’m going to use those up and get better at making melt-and-pour soap before buying the natural bases.

This has been really helpful for me because I don’t have to worry about buying soap from a nearby store or shopping center! Don’t get me wrong though; I still enjoy having a huge bar of luxury cold-process soap from an independent soap maker once in a while. Plus, I love using bar soaps because they get me really clean and create very little waste!

I haven’t decided if I’m going to sell my creations in a small online shop, but that’s something I’ve considered lately. Until then, I’m going to enjoy this while I’m doing it!

Have you made any soap? What kind have you made and how long? Tell me below; I love to hear your input!


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