About The Blog

Writing and photography were (and still are) my two favorite hobbies when I was growing up. On days that I didn’t have to worry about school and chores, I would leave the house in search of an unknown place outside or stay within my room, scratching up short stories and poems only my mind could dream of.

As I got older, I shifted towards the world of beauty and discovered how to love my features. I started trying out as many products as possible while finishing up high school and entering the real world.

But that’s where I hit a dilemma.

How was I going to share to others my thoughts and knowledge of products I’ve tried? How would I inform people of products that are vegan, vegetarian, cruelty-free and good for the skin and hair? How could I impact the lives of others while being myself?

The answer was the creation of this blog!

The Sophisticated Flower is the journey of a flower that’s branching out from the garden she was raised in and planting her roots in different places. She teaches people how to enjoy their unique features with simple ingredients while also striving to be the healthiest they can be.

That flower is me. Welcome to my journey.