DIY | “Warm Baked Pastry” Scrub

It’s mid-November and the temperature has already dropped in North Florida. I’ve been subjected to chilly temperatures and a sudden stream of chilly rain that forced me to bundle up in my warmest jacket. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun and I’m not enjoying it so far. But with weather changes come new ideas for … Continue reading DIY | “Warm Baked Pastry” Scrub

DIY | Cinna-Vanilla Body Scrub

It’s October and I’m already feeling a chill in the early morning air in North Florida. Plus, the Halloween season is getting in full swing as many Halloween-themed stores are popping up for all of the people who want to buy their costumes, decorations, and candy. I’m preparing for the season and weather change myself … Continue reading DIY | Cinna-Vanilla Body Scrub