2019 Christmas Self Portrait Photo Shoot

So I should’ve released this blog post last year during the Christmas season, but I was feeling stressed out and burnt out from all of the work I did. So here’s the post I wanted to share with you on the week of Christmas. Instead of a usual Christmas filled with family gathering in the [...]

Photography | Fine Art Flat Layout Photo Shoot

Christmas is tomorrow and I’m trying to rest after dealing with the past few days. I’ve been very depressed and angry for unknown reasons and I’ve been trying to sit still in somewhere quiet until the feeling passes, but it hasn’t worked so far. I did want to do a mini Christmas photo shoot for [...]

Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera

Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera

Spring started last week and my schedule has been filled with part-time work at the restaurant and preparation for 36th BBQ & Western Event held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. I was getting stressed out and I needed to turn back to doing photography again. But this time, I decided to explore the nearest Goodwill thrift [...]