November Birthday Profile Photo Shoot

Back in November, I did a photo shoot for myself in my parents’ bedroom for fun and to update my profile pictures in various accounts. But I never talked to you all about the photo shoot or shared the results with you. So, here I am, talking to you all about it! As mentioned before, … Continue reading November Birthday Profile Photo Shoot

Drawing | Leaves & Plant Subjects

Today is my 27th birthday and I’m trying to rest up before I begin my second job this weekend. I’ve been getting back into drawing subjects in my sketch pad during days that I don’t have to work (including days where I don’t pick up extra shifts). The past days have been cloudy and wet … Continue reading Drawing | Leaves & Plant Subjects

Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera

Spring started last week and my schedule has been filled with part-time work at the restaurant and preparation for 36th BBQ & Western Event held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. I was getting stressed out and I needed to turn back to doing photography again. But this time, I decided to explore the nearest Goodwill thrift … Continue reading Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera