November Birthday Profile Photo Shoot

Back in November, I did a photo shoot for myself in my parents’ bedroom for fun and to update my profile pictures in various accounts. But I never talked to you all about the photo shoot or shared the results with you. So, here I am, talking to you all about it! As mentioned before, … Continue reading November Birthday Profile Photo Shoot

DIY | “Warm Baked Pastry” Scrub

It’s mid-November and the temperature has already dropped in North Florida. I’ve been subjected to chilly temperatures and a sudden stream of chilly rain that forced me to bundle up in my warmest jacket. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun and I’m not enjoying it so far. But with weather changes come new ideas for … Continue reading DIY | “Warm Baked Pastry” Scrub

Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera

Spring started last week and my schedule has been filled with part-time work at the restaurant and preparation for 36th BBQ & Western Event held at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds. I was getting stressed out and I needed to turn back to doing photography again. But this time, I decided to explore the nearest Goodwill thrift … Continue reading Thrift Store Find: Sports Illustrated 35mm Promotional Camera